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The ultimate in comfort and quality, our closed cell products’ outstanding energy-efficient insulation adds structural support, resists moisture, and minimizes hot and cold spots.

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Closed cell spray foam insulation can add strength to your building's structure, including resistance to wind uplift.


QuadFoam® Closed Cell Spray Foam Insulation Produces a Higher R-Value and Performance than any Product on the Market.

QuadFoam® 2.0
Closed Cell PRODUCT

This rigid two-component, 2.0lb, tested and approved closed cell spray foam insulation serves as a non-puncturing air barrier and is ideal for extreme weather.

  • R Value 6.5R Value 6.5"
  • ApprovedApproved
  • High YieldHigh Yield
  • Dry FallDry Fall
  • Less CloggingLess Clogging
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