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QuadFoam® 500 OC

QuadFoam® 500 OC is designed for interior commercial and residential construction. Compatible with most materials, this polyurethane foam utilizes water as the blowing agent and is a low viscosity, “high yield, no/low odor” 0.4lb open cell product. QuadFoam® 500 OC is perfect for insulating, air sealing, and noise reduction.

Product Highlights
QuadFoam® 500 OC Key Technical Data:

  • 3.7 R-Value @ 1″
  • QuadFoam® 500 OC is 100% water blown
  • Excellent for thermal insulating, air sealing and sound reduction

Download PDFs for QuadFoam® 500 OC technical data and other relevant product information.

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